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Whether or not you are you a woman who comes from a Christian tradition or have you committed your life to Jesus doesn’t matter to us. We can help you regardless of your faith. But, either way, understand that you are no longer alone – even in times and among circumstances where you may think you are.

Did you know that God's word uses the term and concept of "family" more than any other metaphor or illustration of His relationship to His children?

You are indeed His chosen and precious child and He has a plan for your life that you cannot frustrate – even when you make wrong or ill-timed choices. Being a treasured member of His "Forever Family", you need not go through times of crisis alone.

You are most likely known among your friends as a generous and "giving" person. If you are, it is often difficult for people like you to be on the receiving end. But this time in your life presents an opportunity to place yourself on the receiving end of things, realizing you have the rest of your life to "pay it back" to other women and friends who will later need the encouragement of your own story.

Among the "family" resources for Christian women, you'll find:

Local Church Fellowship
Here you'll find support from your pastor or priest and perhaps other individuals or small groups who are available to be your temporary "family" during your transition. Should you need referrals in your area, we can be of assistance. There are people in your area who are ready to provide counseling, prayer and support.

Christian Crisis Case Managers
Christian Adoption Center has a professional, caring team of women who are available by phone to provide Christian compassion, care and professional information and options to support you and your goals for your child.