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orthodox view of adoption

We teach that God Who created us designed a special provision for the nurture of children - lifelong loving marriage between a mother and a father. Choosing an adoptive family for your child is an act of sacrificial love, requiring heroic courage.

There are Biblical models; the mother of Moses placing him in the reed-basket where he would be found and adopted by Pharaoh's daughter, saving him from being killed with other Hebrew boy children on Pharaoh's command.

Thanks be to God we are free to love ourselves and others, especially our living children, without guilt, and to make loving choices for their future.

Adoption in this imperfect world, it is God's best option for not only families but children. I have worked as a professional in the adoption field for over 20 years, and with my husband, are parents of three children by adoption. Because of the advances in infertility procedures, many individuals are coming to see this option in family building only after years of toil physically, emotionally and spiritually on themselves. Dealing with grief and loss issues precedes actual adoption planning. In letting go of one's own plan and becoming receptive to God's new one, a family is created.

Proverbs 16:9 states, "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." I believe the Lord allows me to use my own family's "steps" into adoption as a means to minister to others.

Michaelyn Sloan
Director Children Adoption
St. Luke the Evangelist Orthodox Church

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What if my religious tradition isn't listed?
If your denomination or spiritual preference isn't listed, it may be that we cannot locate written support of the gift of adoption by one of your spiritual leaders. If we have overlooked this, we'd be happy to consider adding other comments from religious leaders that would be consistent and supportive of the Christian faith.