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a christian view of adoption

Adoption is the means by which all believers enter into the family of God.

Even though the Bible uses the word "adopt" only about four times, it refers to the concept of adoption surprisingly often. And when it does, the Bible always presents adoption as a positive, gracious act that is part of God's plan.

When birthparents make the decision to place their child with a believing family, God works in and through the process. Not only does He bless the adoptive family with a long-awaited (and prayed-for) child, He also blesses the birthparents with the peace of knowing that their child one day will have every opportunity to claim his or her rightful place as an adult member of God's Kingdom.

And in a way, wasn't Jesus an adoptee? Joseph, who raised Jesus as his own, was not His biological father. Adopting parents can learn a great deal from Joseph! This man of God was truly unselfish; he was willing to rearrange his whole life in obedience to God. Joseph gladly accepted Jesus, providing Him with all the love, encouragement, and guidance that a son needs from a father.

God chooses us to be His adopted children, not because He has to, but because He wants to! In adopting us through Christ, He shows the depth of His love. What a delightful model this presents to those who want to adopt a child as their son or daughter.

For Christians struggling with infertility or who want to enlarge their family circle, adoption is not second best. It is simply one way that God in His wisdom can choose for us to be parents. Whether one becomes a parent biologically or through adoption, the fact is that children are not a right -- they are a gift from God:

Moses, for example, was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter (Exodus 2:1-10). His adoption, though sad for his Israelite parents, was part of God's overall plan for the deliverance of Israel from Egypt.

But the best and most important biblical adoption story of all is that there is only one way for us to enter the Kingdom of God -- we must become God's adopted children through Jesus Christ. The New King James version expresses this relationship beautifully:

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What if my religious tradition isn't listed?
If your denomination or spiritual preference isn't listed, it may be that we cannot locate written support of the gift of adoption by one of your spiritual leaders. If we have overlooked this, we'd be happy to consider adding other comments from religious leaders that would be consistent and supportive of the Christian faith.