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Choices…your life is filled with them right now. Whatever you decide, you will undoubtedly experience a wide range of emotions. It is important to remember that there is no "right" way to feel.

  • Adoption:
    If you choose to give the baby up to loving Christian adoptive parents, you will experience a wide range of emotions, including relief, happiness that you’ve helped another person become a parent, sadness that you may never know the child, and remorse that you are unable to be a parent at the current time. The pregnancy may be difficult as you become more aware of the life developing inside of you while trying to avoid an intense emotional bond that may make adoption more difficult. The broad range of emotions from happiness to grief is usual, and you will likely feel both positive and negative emotions throughout your pregnancy and following the adoption.

  • Raising Your Child:
    If you choose to become a parent, you will need to plan for both financial and emotional support. Since your pregnancy was unplanned, you have much less time for planning than individuals or couples who have been trying to get pregnant. You also have the additional task of adjusting to the idea of parenting, which you may not find easy. You may need to explore options for external support, including your family, partner, and local social service agencies. If you choose to work or go to school, you will also need to plan for childcare, which is usually expensive. Emotional support is also needed, as giving birth and raising a child are obviously extremely time-consuming and often exhausting tasks. You may also experience rapidly shifting emotions, including fear, happiness, ambivalence, anger, sadness, and joy. These emotions may be very intense and are complicated by the body changes and hormone fluctuations during pregnancy.

  • Abortion:
    Some women experience feelings of guilt, remorse, shame, anger, and sadness following an abortion. These feelings probably indicate that you are experiencing normal grief and distress about all of the things you have been through. There is no time-frame for these feelings. You may find that feelings of sadness come months or years following an abortion. The choice is yours...don’t let outside influences force you to do something you might later regret. Please be sure to address your specific questions with your counselor.

Call a caring counselor at Christian Adoption Center today to discuss these options… We’re here to help you get through this difficult time.